Mikrokopter Assembly

The Mikrokopter is an amazing helicopter and flying camera platform - there are versions with 4, 6 or 8 blades. The slight downside is that they’re only available as a kit, and need a reasonable amount of electronics experience and equipment to solder together.

So let me build yours for you ;-)


Assembly includes all construction and soldering, fitting the radio system, testing, loading the firmware and setting up, and a first test flight to make sure everything is working perfectly, plus shipping to you. All I take off are the props - two minutes to refit them.

The complete cost for a Mikrokopter Octos like this one is 300. Prices for the Quad and Hex will be lower. All you need to do when you order your Mikrokopter is arrange for it to be sent to me, and I’ll do the rest.

Here’s the above Octos on it’s first test flight:


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